Commercial Break: Randiness spreading quicker than Swine Flu

21 July 2009

Discarded condom wrappers then. We thought their sole purpose was to be accidentally lost under the bed until a time when one of the kids finds them and asks “What’s this Dad?”

At which point you tell them it’s the wrapper from a special chewing gum that’s only for Dads and the potentially embarrassing moment wafts away. In this new Durex ad, it's the wrapper itself that wafts away, floating across a city, magically spreading sexual desire to anyone who comes into contact with it. Even a couple of cops. Crikey.



  • Dave S.
    Just tell them the truth, "Its so I don't make another mistake son"
  • Nobby
    It's the same with McDonalds wrappers. One blows past you, and you just have to shove a Big Mac down your throat.
  • Antique A.
    Or, as I constantly remind the pleasant young mechanic at my local garage ... "Wrap it in foil before checking my oil"

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