Commercial Break: Rail Mob Rules

You might well have already seen this, T-Mobile’s new TV ad; if you have, you'll probably want to watch it again, and if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat.

It’s a flashmob-type dance extravaganza that took place in London’s Liverpool Street Station last Thursday at 11am. At first we were sceptical about the merits of it all but that changes as it develops.

We were almost sobbing with joy by the end, as scores of commuters get caught up in a song and dance whirlwind where normally there would just be quiet moping and barely-suppressed irritation.

This kind of random glee should be compulsory – once a month in a secret location in every town and city in Britain. And slides in the workplace; yeah, we want them as well.


  • Richard W.
    Surely, ALL the participants were paid dancers? They were far too co-ordinated to be members of the public, no?
  • SJT
    Freaking awesome! Only seen the shorter version on TV. Longer version is great. Would like to see in full quality though....
  • MB
    Just like those Halifax ads. Howard Brown shows up and starts singing, and the counter staff start dancing. Not set up at all.
  • David P.
    This isn't the first of it's kind. There's been lots of similar stunts done all around the US in supermarkets and stores. I can't remember you search for but someone will post shortly I'm sure.
  • David P.
    I remember know! Similar stunts were originally done by Improv Everywhere. See here:
  • Cam
    Nice to see bitter wallet continues to break copyright law!!
  • Bob
    @Bitterwallet staffers Empire Direct has gone into administration, another one for deathwatch.
  • Duncan
    Cam, I very much doubt T-Mobile object to people watching their TV advert - they did create a YouTube channel themselves after all to upload it to (and thats the same copy that's linked in this post). I hadn't seen the full version as I don't watch Celebrity Big Brother (or linear TV, for that matter!), fantastic I applaud you Saatchi and Saatchi :D.
  • Kevin
    Cam: What copyright are Bitterwallet breaking? T-Mobile put the ad on YouTube ( and it is set up to allow embedded links.
  • Posterboy
    Cam, have you noticed yet how nobody cares what you think and how most of us think your posts are pretty pointless? Every site in the world uses videos from youtube so bitterwallet isn't going to court any time soon.... trying sitting on that and spinning 540 degrees.
  • Maxib0y
    You genuis. T-Mobile pay money for you to see their adverts. Silly...
  • Maxib0y
    Sorry about the typo.
  • tom t.
    One thing that annoys me is if your travelling everyday on the train for 365 days a week do you want everyone to sing and dance every day and look super happy? Or are people just trying to get to work. I dont see how it could be any other way in reality.
  • SpamJavelin
    TMobile fake a FlashMob then Viral its ass - it's advertising for the 21st century and exposes people's stupidity (oh yeah, and wasn't the Gorilla doing the drums AWSOME!). Wake up and smell the Starbucks ppl
  • Matt
    One closer to home than USA - Manchester piccadilly...
  • bod
    A 'flashmob' staged a ninja fight in my town. Twas shit.
  • Paul N.
    I'd say the lack of footage with non-paid dancers (judging by skill and coordination) indicates most Londoners gave it a wtf and pushed their way past to get to the tube.
  • tam
    perhaps they should have thrown some fivers around:
  • Darren
    Superb video, nice to see a bit of happiness in the rail station, especially liverpool st station!!
  • John D.
    There is a bit at the end showing the whole scene filmed from above and it looks 100% FAKE. The bystanders move in a 2 seconds loop while the dancers look like they have been copy-pasted from some other scene. Im not saying the whole think is fake, but at 2:10 surely is.
  • Paul N.
    hmmm I'm trying to catch the loop. What's the best point to watch to see it? I've tried to focus on a few dancers but hard to tell if it's the rhythm or a loop. Any tips?
  • danmc
    This has to be one of the most annoying adverts I have ever seen
  • Graham
    It would be viral but seeing as they blocked out an entire advertisement break during the BB final on channel 4 for this particular ad, its not. Divina even introduced the ad!
  • Suitors B.
    [...] it was the dancing. Then, it was the singing. Now, it’s time to find a partner, and arrange a shotgun [...]

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