Commercial Break: Quack - it's Bird Friday

Quack! You might be familiar with New Order and their 1983 hit Blue Monday. Well we’re Bitterwallet, it’s 2009 and this is Bird Friday. Quack!

Two chirpingly fine new ads here for you – in the first, for Drench water, a rodeo rider meets his match when he tries to tame a giant, bucking pheasant. Yee-haw!

After that comes possibly the loveliest bird-based ad we’ve seen since the one where Boss Hogg from the Dukes Of Hazzard gave a toucan the kiss of life.

It’s for Robinson’s Be Natural and you’ve just got to love the attention to detail – the wellies by the door, Tweet Magazine, the worms in the fridge, oh, it’s all just… LOVELY.



  • Tom P.
    The Brains dance advert for Drench was better
  • acecatcher3
    its my mums bday today!!! just thought id share the news with u, im sure itl b in ur next article sumwhere.
  • Mike H.
    Thanks ace, your mum loved the present I gave her, she really loves Mike Hock

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