Commercial Break: Putting the laughter back into slum housing

While we wait for the Big Society to be formed and save us all from doom and gloom, we continue to strive away in Broken Britain, with metaphorical crows pecking out our metaphorical eyes while we metaphorically sleepwalk from day to day.

The worst of those metaphorical crows is probably the rogue landlord, renting out shabby flats to desperate twats before retiring to his own mansion every evening and farting into a nest of cash.

Now housing charity Shelter have launched a campaign to hunt down and viciously murder every rogue landlord in the country. Or something. Helpfully, the promotional video for the campaign stars Sean Lock and is very funny. Watch and laugh, and then feel a bit disgusted, and then laugh again.


  • /////////tenant
    Fuck..............Thats my landlord....motherfucker.....
  • Dee D.
    I prefered 15 Storeys High.
  • fred
    who is that in my flat!!!

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