Commercial Break: President Of The Future - 1957-Style

As the United States prepares for the beginning of a new era with a brand new President, here’s one of the former tenants of the White House presenting an ad in 1957.

In it, General Electric try to persuade millions of humble Americans that newfangled appliances are the way forward with their deeply-annoying ‘Live Better Electrically’ campaign and jingle.

If you can survive almost three minutes of the song, you’ll probably find that the final ad (@ 2m 56s) does jar slightly with the mood of Obamamania that is sweeping the States though…


  • Juan K.
    I agree, these electronic typwriter thingies will never take on, televisuals! pah, yah right.
  • Daniel B.
    Do people take lessons in 'speaking with a 1950s voice'?
  • Adam2050
    Man, I didn't learn anything, all I know is a want to be dependant on electricity.

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