Commercial Break: Precision whacking from Federer

A is for ‘Amazingness’.

A is also for ‘Aaargh Roger Federer! What in the name of friggery are you doing? You’ve just knocked a can off that lad’s head with your fast-moving tennis ball!’

A also for ‘And you’ve done it again! Woah – you magnificent Swiss bastard! No wonder almost two million people have watched this Gillette ‘viral’ over the past few days’.

Commercial Break was brought to you today in association with the letter ‘A’.


  • Brian's U.
    in my book, he's still number 1.
  • The B.
    He's a number 2 in mine, I'd watch the video but I'm afraid that Gillette adverts are full of massively overpaid "sports personalities" trying to convince me that I can somehow aspire to be a massively overpaid tennis playing dick by simply buying a product. Also I have a big hangover headache and am more grumpy than usual.
  • kev
    the modern day william tell
  • Nobby
    That advert clearly works. I want a can of coke.
  • Easily P.
    That is friggin amazing.
  • Its f.
    Its the same as Ronaldinho's hitting-the-crossbar trick, CGI....
  • Jimbo
    i think bitterwallet believe this is real. nearly as good as: lol, so fake i don't know why they bother.. at least make them a bit more plausable to create a bit of doubt!
  • Brian's U.
    I'd like to see tiger woods try that with a golf ball. Now that would be impressive.
  • Marky M.
    WTF?? IS DIS REAL?? Oh... no, it isn't.
  • Nobby
    There is also a video on the internet of Peter North precision wanking. I don't think that is an advert for gillette, although there is actually a shaven haven in the video, suggesting the use of a gillette, unlike this advert.

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