Commercial Break: Poor Quique heads the viral rankings

Diesel, we pronounce you Kings Of The Virals! Or Queens, if you’re all women. Last year saw the jaw-dropping brilliance of their birthday-commemorating ‘SFW XXX’ non-porn porn extravaganza and now they’ve dropped another laugh bomb with the story of Quique, the world’s most famous man-with-a-head-and-no-body.

Functioning since birth with all of his major organs inside his bonce, all he wants is a body to attach himself on to. Life is hard, but he gets by and he’s even found love. Towards the end, we see him finding even more love, which is what makes this video NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK! Well, for seven seconds, from 3.02 onwards…


  • Mike B.
    Good one that
  • Ten B.
    [...] Quique’s got his head screwed on. Or rather he should have – on to a desk or something similarly sturdy. [...]

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