Commercial Break: Polar bears - lounging in your armchair by Christmas 2015

Mixed messages galore coming from this American ad for the new, all-electric Nissan Leaf. We totally get the fact that if we carry on polluting the planet, the ice caps will melt and the polar bears will have nowhere to go.

So if this ad is to be believed, rather than do the decent thing and just die out, they’ll descend upon our towns and cities and start living among us? Fuck that for a lark – they’re vicious and apparently their admin skills are pretty well-honed, meaning that they’ll be stealing jobs from us humans.

The hug that the bear gives to the owner of the Leaf more or less says: “Thanks for doing your bit for the environment, but we’re here now and we’re not going anywhere. I’ll be moving into your house this afternoon and sleeping with your wife tonight – it’ll be an eye-opening experience that she’ll never forget.”

Polar bears = wankers.


  • David
    Bears are horrible creatures that bite people's faces off.
  • Alexis
    What a cliche ridden, preachy advert. The guy looks a tool driving his modified Micra about. I thought he was a businessman?
  • missingsomthing
    It's ok we have just plundered earths resource to make this fook ugly looking POS - but it runs on electricity that takes a shit load of fossile fuel to produce Hello am I missing somthing here why doesnt he fucker get the train/ bus motorbile or get a job closer to home and walk Chester Zoo stopped exploiting polar bears some time in the 90s

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