Commercial Break: Pitch battles

There’s something slightly unsavoury about national treasures Wallace & Gromit shamelessly pitching the services of npower but there you go – money talks and plasticine houses obviously need a great deal of maintenance.

But, speaking of savouries, the pies that the dynamic duo are firing out in this ‘Back The Bid’ ad for the 2018 England World Cup campaign look good enough to scoff, plasticine or not. So much so that the dog one (Wallace? Gromit? Who knows?) has to invade the pitch to reclaim them when it all goes wrong.

It doesn’t come anywhere close to being the best ever pitch invasion though – because this is…


  • Nobby
    Why shouldn't wheelchair bound people invade pitches like the able bodied. He is in a wheelchair, but clearly has a working mind and wanted to be part of the pitch invasion. The guy who stopped him should be named and shamed. I'm looking forward to wheelchair streakers.
  • raptorcigs b.
  • F. F.
    [hmm.. Stephen Hawkins was just here a minute ago, fuck]... "STEPHEN YA CUNT"
  • Ronnie
    he clipped him over the head! call the police!
  • martin
    I think that was one of the Chesterfield subs.

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