Commercial Break: Perhaps YOU could make this part of your morning routine as well

‘Dear Bitterwallet, what is the secret of your ongoing success?’ That’s the sentence that we read more than any other, in your many letters and emails to us that arrive every single day, even on Christmas Day.

The secret is a simple one. Every morning, before we start the daily hunt for the hottest consumer news and bargain tips, we all strip naked, solemly sit cross-legged in a row, hold hands and watch the following public service announcement. Then, after it's finished, we cry, as one.

THAT’S our secret. We hope you understand now.


  • The B.
    Pah, GWAR breakfast cereal, it's the way forward, they even have Gibby Haynes advertising it.
  • Mike H.
    Don't do crack kids, you'll end up like this twat, pale, stupid voice, a suit that is too small and you'll develop a penchant for red bow-ties.
  • dont P.
    and DONT fiddling with yourself in adult cinemas

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