Commercial Break? Patrick Duffy And The Crab? WTF??

To some of us, Patrick Duffy is The Man From Atlantis. To others, he is Bobby Ewing. In an illustrious career, he has also appeared in Step By Step, Family Guy, South Park, Justice League, Touched By An Angel, Falling In Love With The Girl Next Door, The Bold and the Beautiful, and most recently, Bingo America.

He also did pantomime in 2006, Cinderella at the New Victoria Theatre, Woking. What a guy. Right now, he appears to be living in domestic idyll with a crab, and a couple of short films have appeared starring the pair. In the first, the crab explains Facebook and ringtones to a bemused Duffy. In the second, the crab bullies the star into swallowing a dime.

Now we don’t know if these virals are even advertising anything yet, let alone WHAT is that they’re plugging, but they’ve got to be related to upcoming ads for something haven’t they? Duffy can’t just be releasing vids of his life with a crab. Can he?? Jesus, the internet confuses the living daylights out of us sometimes.


    THESE ARE GENIUS!!!! Hilarious!
  • Commercial B.
    [...] Initiative but to us, it looks like the birth of a natural double act, a Brit-based version of Patrick Duffy And The Crab. Go on Numan you miserable twat, make it [...]
  • Boris J.
    Please say it's the pilot to a series. PLLLEEEAAASSEEE!!!!
  • Keir
    I visited his website to find these videos. I don't know what to say, but have to express my inability somewhere.

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