Commercial Break: Party time at BWHQ

As you probably know, it’s our second birthday today, and we’re having an exclusive party here at BWHQ for a select bunch of our most avid readers. If you haven’t had your invitation, then tough titty, you’re just not hardcore enough.

Why not console yourself instead by entering our birthday competition and maybe winning some cool stuff or that Next tablet instead?

If you are coming along, you might think about trying this little trick from an Australian Toohey’s beer ad. Don’t bother. There’s mouse traps in the bottom of the bath.


  • Darren
    Did not get an invite :'(
  • PaulH
    My invite said "You're not welcome..."
  • Wonky H.
    I just got a bag of poo and a note written in crayon saying that I'd be eating it if I came within 500 yards of the party.

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