Commercial Break: Paralympics preview restores our faith

The O***pics (not sure if we’re allowed to print the name) haven’t even started yet and most of us are already suffering from fatigue with the whole thing.

But don’t forget that the Paralympics will be along afterwards, at the end of August. Here’s the trailer for Channel 4’s coverage, which should help revive anyone’s excitement about it all.

Athletes, taking part for the sheer love of it. What’s more, many of them have been through unimaginable suffering in order to get there. What’s even more, there probably won’t be an infernal corporate backdrop everywhere you sodding well look.

Scrap the Big O***pics – let’s get started with this one instead. Also, a Public Enemy soundtrack can make almost anything look good...


  • br04dyz
    and ticket prices are around 6-8 times cheaper than the regular "g a m e s" (bet that words been trademarked too)
  • Athlete
    I have to say, Channel 4 have done a great job with this advert, especially tackling how a lot the athletes ended up becoming disabled. The paralympics may not be the "main event" but I agree I think a lot of the people competing deserve a lot more respect than athletes in the Olympics (all the footballers for one)
  • Tony
    I remember the Beijing olympics. What a great event. Loved the fireworks.
  • Lord L.
    Olympics?..what Olympics... Why have they not been mentioned before now?...if they don't advertise them..then no-one will go... Where is it? and when do they start?
  • Kevin
    I've got 10 Paralympic tickets, none were over £20
  • S-Bomb
    And there was me thinking they'd cost an arm and a leg, just like the Otherlympics No pun intended, will leave that up to Mof (he seems to be the one who enjoys taking the piss out of the disabled and those from up north)
  • whatsit t.
    This advert is 1000x better than the BBC advert! <--TERRIBLE
  • Me
    Respect for these guys. But I still think that LOCOG are cunts!

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