Commercial Break: P-P-P-P-P-P-POWER!

This just in from the US of America – the Old Spice advertising wizards have been at it again. Here’s three new ads for their Odor Blocker body wash, directed by Adult Swim’s near-geniuses Tim & Eric and starring a deranged, musclebound, shower-dwelling dude.

No steroids were used in the making of these adverts – just p-p-p-p-p-p-POWER! We hope.

Another example of Tim & Eric’s overall superbness here (stick with it for the laugh reward.)


  • zacspeed
    Funny shit!
  • Shaun
    That's the dad from Everybody Hates Chris and soon to be in the Expendables.
  • Claire T.
    His name is Terry Crewes. He used to be an American footballer. Now an actor. He's also in White Chicks.
  • zeddy
    @Claire Taylor: "He’s also in White Chicks." I bet he is. He'll leave a hole where their "jack and danny" used to be when he's finished.
  • Quagmire
    Good adverts!!
  • Chris
    These adverts are my favourite series - since Terry Tate :D
  • Claire
    @Zeddy - funny you say that - one of the lines in White Chicks is "you know the saying... Once you go black you need a wheelchair"
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  • pissdrunx
    these are awesome commercials.... tim and eric directed them thats why they are so funny
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