Commercial Break: Oops, baby did a number threes...

We’re all familiar with the numerical system deployed by posh people whenever they need to refer to weeing and pooing (not that they do all that often because they’re so damned posh). We speak of course of ‘number ones’ and number twos’.

But were any of you aware of the existence of ‘number threes?’ Oh yes, it’s real alright – it’s the veritable storm of shit soup that occurs when a baby’s nappy explodes, sending its contents out and off in all directions.

The phenomenon is explained in this Australian ad for BabyLove nappies, presumably a nappy that is tough enough to prevent such an atrocity. Oh, and nice use of the windscreen wipers Mum, but that probably won’t help you much…


    Where is true or false andy!!!!
  • Gunn
    Large bottom sneeze, lovely
  • tasha
    I love that one of your tags is shit storm

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