Commercial Break: Oh Jarvis, what hath thy done?

If you’re a child of the Britpop generation, chances are that you see Jarvis Cocker as a bit of a hero. Always the outsider, casting a cynical eye over the minutiae of modern life, making a scathing point while making you laugh. Or some such nonsense.

Here’s Jarvis in 2011, trousering a wad of Eurostar cash in an Olympics-themed ad that is more like one of Christoper Biggins’ acid-soaked dreams than anything that might actually resemble a sporting event. See how long you can keep your bile still while Jarvis mentions ‘a totally bad boy beat’.

Beyond awful.


  • The B.
    Seriously? Have you never seen this before? Presumably it would also be a shock ( I lol'd as the kids say) when I found out that he was Eurostar's "Cultural Ambassador".
  • Paul C.
    Have you never seen a Michel Gondry film or music video before, Andy? Fucking hell. Wake up man. This is tame.
  • pmc
    Christoper Biggins’ acid-soaked dreams - A TV show I would watch religiously.

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