Commercial Break: NSFC - Kenny Powers takes the helm at K-Swiss

In a period of CEO controversy, we’ve got some interesting news coming out of sportswear manufacturers K-Swiss – their new chief is failed baseball star and all round deluded loser Kenny Powers.

K-Swiss have issued this short film in which Powers highlights his new strategies for the company and although they whole thing is littered with dirty, foul-mouthed cursing words, we think things are going to go from strength to strength for them.

In case you missed the bit at the top, it’s all NOT SUITABLE FOR CHURCH.

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  • Big c.
    This really shows that making a celeb-driven viral video that's actually entertaining is hard to get right. It was original and fresh three years back when we watched 'Terry Tate, office linebacker' do it for Reebok, but this is a bit... erm, forced.

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