Commercial Break: Now you see the monkey, now you don't...

Here’s an Amercian ad for a bunch of new Dodge cars, deadpan-narrated by the bloke who plays Dexter and livened up no end by the appearance near the end of a monkey dressed as Evel Knievel. And why not?

But it seems that animal rights protestors PETA took a break from making posters with sexy women on them in order to kick up a bit of a stink about the ad. So Dodge coolly remade it. Dodge 1 PETA 0. Monkeys win. As always.


  • Nobby
    What was wrong with having a monkey there? Are they going to do the same if an ad is deemed to be racist? Oh look, an invisible black man committing a crime.
  • Pedant
    Hi I'm Pedant. That advert is awesome.
  • Nobby
    @Pedant - Which one?
  • Mr G.
    Umm... no monkey in either advert. A chimpanzee is an ape. Gotta love Dodge for their response, tho. Clearly they are better at making ads than cars.
  • Phil M.
    Greggles, do you feel better now you've pointed out Dodge's mistake? No one else really gave a shit whether it was an Ape or a monkey, only one little sad cnut with an iPhone.
  • Phil M.
    Actually, 'Greggles' the invisible Monkey actually was a Monkey, so nah
  • Taiwan B.
    [...] favourite things of the past week or so have been the story about hardcore animal rights warriors PETA kicking off about a Dodge car ad starring a monkey (or chimp or whatever the fuck it is) dressed as Evel Knievel and the Taiwanese [...]

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