Commercial Break: Now you can become a man mountain too!

It might be a men’s fragrance with a less-than-cool image here in the UK, but over the United States of A, the good folk at Old Spice have got punters rolling in the aisles of their homes with their mantastic series of adverts.

There’s no subtlety here, no reading between the lines – if you don’t wear Old Spice, you’re not a real man, you’ll always come second, your breath almost certainly stinks and you’ve probably got a dodgy ankle as well. You tit.

The message is that you need to get yourself some new Old Spice Matterhorn – a mountain of freshness that will sprout out from your armpit and lead you down the road marked ‘success.’

In fact, the blurb from Old Spice themselves explains it perfectly – they say: “This commercial explores many important themes in a mans life, including freshness, exotic travels, successorizing, long-haired blonde ladies, snow preparedness and buying things.”


  • milky
    "world's most succesful mountain" "Madderhorn" ...speak fricking english you tosspots! Herbs not erbs etc
  • Gavin (.
    But... he's not on a horse? ;)

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