Commercial Break: Now Cantona wants to be a booze farmer

We’ve got a strange relationship with the French at the moment. As you’re probably aware, they have given us vast quantities of ‘beef lasagne’ that is actually full of horse. In what might be regarded as an act of subconscious retaliation, we have given them Joey Barton.

At least we can all agree that we’re quite big fans of Eric Cantona. Not only was he a phenomenal footballer, he’s also a decent actor as well. Hence the overwhelming arrogance.

Here he is in a Kronenbourg 1664 ad, singing the praises of the hop farmers of Alsace, who are treated with the same reverence as footballers. See how Eric himself wants a piece of the action? Well – he looks more like a farmer than a footballer these days. A bit too much ‘beef lasagne’?


  • Nikey H.
    Nice one Andy.
  • chriswvtr
    Sorry but what? We can all agree that were quite big fans of Cantona?! Besides United fans and the French I don't think anyone is a fan of that lunatic, I know a certain Crystal Palace fan who is definitely not, he was the biggest c*nt in football!
  • StuPid
    Yeah, Leeds fans weren't that fond of him after he defected too - and neither was Lee Chapman alledgedly
  • StuPid
    allegedly (sorry)
  • Jack T.
    Thinking about those lips...allegedly.

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