Commercial Break: Not suitable for work and, by the end, not all that sexy either

Here’s a public information commercial type thing on behalf of the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign, focussing specifically on the testicles, and starring the rather easy-on-the-eye underwear model Rhian Sugden. But it isn’t quite what it seems and is NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK.

Gentlemen, be warned – the first part of it is eye-spinningly sexy, but it ends up as the kind of dream most of us have had once we’ve gone to bed with a stomach-full of strong cheese. Isn’t it? ISN’T IT?? *laughs nervously*


  • Dick
    Yeah, it's a common dream, although for me she often turns out to be Anne Widdecombe, Mollie Sugden or Esther Rantzen.
  • Dick
    Oh, and sometimes Wendy Richard (unfortunately in her Pauline Fowler days, and not Miss Brahms).
  • Confused
    Would it be better to have a tasty bird with man bits, or a tidy fella with lady parts?
  • Boris Z.
    Those balls look awfully familiar. I think they're Nick Cleggs.
  • IrishCol
    It's a Crying Game, I mean Shame.
  • Teabagger
    shes needs teabagging for that

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