Commercial Break: Not quite Watchdog Anne's finest hour...

Ageing televisual sex-puss Anne Robinson has come in for some stick in recent days, some of it necessary, the rest of it utterly vital. Her crime has been to oversee the revival of Watchdog on BBC1, turning it into an end-of-the-pier parade of complete and utter shite, with Anne fronting the show while wearing what seems to be a wonky death mask of consumer revenge.

But this ad from 1991 should go some way to restoring her credibility. In it, she plugs the share flotation of Mirror Group Newspapers by interviewing pig-ignorant comic strip character Andy Capp.

Don’t forget, this is 1991, when fat crook Robert Maxwell was still in charge at the Mirror – wonder what happened to the cash that the flotation raised. Or indeed what happened to the share price when Fat Bob fell off his boat a few months later.

‘Flotation’ – not a very apt word was it?

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