Commercial Break: Noodlefoolery

If you’re planning on following Bitterwallet’s new Elbow-Chewing Awards, you might to guzzle down some Maggi noodles first. Here’s their ad, which was sneakily broadcast in the UK, but which seems to imply that the noodles will make your elbows stronger.

Naturally, that will make said superpowered elbows more resistant to being gnawed for when you're reading our regular examples of bureaucratic stupidity. Everyone wins – except the Maggi noodles people, who’ve had a slap on the wrist from the ASA for making claims in their ads that are so much utter bollocks.

They also said that drinking Horlicks makes you taller; but everyone knows you can only get taller by hanging on to a tree branch for five hours at a time.

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