Commercial Break: No Stars In Asda's Sky This Christmas

Asda have announced that they're turning their back on celebrities for their 2008 Christmas campaign. It could be because they don't want to be saddled with a loose cannon like Kerry Katona but they reckon they're doing it because they want "to return to traditional community values, which remain at the heart of our business."

Indeed, their parent company WalMart have had very strong links with traditional communities down the years, allegedly causing the collapse of scores of small businesses as they ruthlessly spread their empire across the United States.

Good to see that Asda had the balance just right back in 1980. The high-profile celeb is present and correct (Hattie Jacques) but her mammoth fee (probably a skip filled with iced buns) is offset by the fact that someone has knocked out the ad's music on the kind of Bontempi keyboard that went for just £25 or so back then.

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