Commercial Break: New Anchorman trailer is here

Let's not mess about - here's what literally HUNDREDS of people have been waiting SOME YEARS for - the first trailer for Anchorman: The Legend Continues....

Oh, and here's another one...


  • Mike H.
    Brilliant! Didn't see the first one, and I'm hoping not to see this one either! A bit like the fucking olympics and the fucking jubilee! Then, we have to endure 2 weekds of spazzies running aimlessly round a track or trying to pick up the ball!
  • Boris
    Look on the bright side. It isn't out until 2013 and there is a tiny chance that there is something to this Myan apocalypse thing and we will all be dead before then.
  • luke
    Well I thought it was quite funny...Its a cult thing though, like Zoolander I think :)
  • bob
    I doubt it will live up to the first one, but fingers crossed it does
  • thingonaspring
    Woo! Can't wait for mindless spongs to repeat unfunny catchprases endlessly. First one was sh*t, by the way.
  • Andy D.
    You're all so cool.
  • Dick
    They should have saved money on the olympics and the jubilee by combining them. Only allow royal families to compete. That will stop the fucking americans winning everything. And I'm sure we'll get gold for panda shooting at five paces.

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