Commercial Break: Nearly naked Megan Fox does an ad in her pants and that

Let’s not mess about with any kind of deep analysis here – what we've got is Megan Fox, advertising Armani, in her undercrackers. In fact, this isn’t even the actual ad itself – it’s just a ‘teaser’ (if that’s the correct choice of word).

No point going on and on about it – our Mof alerted us to the ad, and has now gone off for what he calls his ‘Special Toilet Time’. So we’re a man down for at least three hours and when he does come back, he’ll be worse than useless until home time.


  • Steve O.
    Shame about her stupid Marilyn tattoo. Spoils an otherwise perfect body.
  • colin
    Ok i'll buy some!
  • Boris
    What! I thought all of this Fox Filth was banned on BitterWallet. Nom-nom-nom.

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