Commercial Break: NBA YouTube game as pioneering as a pumice stone

Here at Bitterwallet, we’re all MASSIVE fans of NBA basketball and one of our favourite throwers is, erm, it says ‘Dwight Howard’ here.

Naturally, we were delighted to find a futuristic interactive YouTube video of Howard Dwight made by Adidas, that can be controlled by you, the viewer. Like a game! Amazing!

In truth, it’s a crock of shit, like a bad DVD video game or a jazzed-up version of Bamboozler, the old Teletext interactive quiz game.

There’s a preview below and the full experience is here. Indulge it and you’ll get the chance to watch Howard chuck a ball from different angles and control the height of his jump. Wooh – we don’t think. The only UK equivalent we could come up with would be a video of Peter Beardsley filling out a direct debit form.


  • TFEB
    Bamboozler!!! OMG i used to play it loads. ah memories
  • delrio
    bamboozler was EPIC

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