Commercial Break: Music - the solver of ALL of life's problems

Is your life full of problems? Have you got ‘fucking rats’? You’re probably at your wits’ end aren’t you? Never mind, here comes ace African musical superstars Desmond & The Tutus to sort it all out and restore your equilibrium. Wallow in this promotional video for their new album and you’ll never be the same again.

Also, check out the easy-to-remember website address that appears on the screen at about 3m33s – you’ll be visiting the site within seconds.


  • Spencer
    You took 4 minutes of my life and I want them back.
  • Spencer
    I have NEVER.... EVER.... seen anything that made me think wtf? as much as this... just... what?... what was....?... what.....
  • DiscountCrack
    Need something to take the edge off after watching that video? We sure did. Tweet us @DiscountCrack quoting #ivebeenfuckedupbytutu for a 50% discount on the normal discount prices.
  • Jack M.
    yes indeed... what the fuck was that i just watched twice !
  • Gary
    Hunh?!?!?!?! Biggest waste of 3 mins and 40 seconds of my life! Still don't know whathe guy was selling and I am NOT going to watch again to find out? The guy licking the CD? What do ya reckon he was imagining it was?

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