Commercial Break: Movie rental by mail - the future back in 1987

Oh, you reckon that postal DVD rental such as the service offered by Lovefilm et al is new do you? You’re darned wrong is what you are. It’s been around since the late 1980s, when VHS was the format of choice.

Here’s ‘Ralph’ – he’s just been forced to close his video rental store because of the nefarious antics of Video Rental and their mail-based take on his traditional offering.

When you consider that it’s a service that has put him out of business, poor Ralph offers a detailed and convincing critique of Video Mailbox and their strengths. Still, it kills a bit of time before he goes and chucks himself under an oncoming train.

Hopefully the train will more convincing than the ‘street’ where he had his ‘shop.’



  • Bullet
    What U Freaking Kidding me here, Why dont you get the boys Joey and Tony to go round there and Rearrange there Cahonies, them sons O Bitches.
  • Paul M.
    Great blog!!! Very informative and inciteful. Excellent!!!

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