Commercial Break: More orange to make you feel a bit sick

We’ve had a lot of visits from disgruntled Orange mobile phone customers in the past few days, so we thought it might be worth digging through that particular company’s ad archive for today’s Break.

Then we came across this – a US spot for ‘Nesbitt’s Orange Soda’ drink, which we think hails from the early 1970s. Just look how fucking orangey the stuff is! Imagine how many additives and colourings it’s got in it! Won’t someone think about the kids? In fact, the ad itself just looks like an impressionistic animated take on a full-blown seven year-old’s tantrum.

Until the end, when the whole thing winds right down and the sinister soda bottle-shaped head of the organisation makes an appearance, nixing every idea that his keen young soda bottle-shaped ad minions put before him.

Kia-Ora meets the Sopranos anyone?


  • DT
    Thinking about the kids also, why do you have to swear?..
  • Mike U.
    Looks like TANGO mixed with crack!!!
  • Mike e.
    Yeah Andy, why the fucking swearing you twat!
  • Andy D.
    Because it's big and clever?
  • Mike e.
    Good points, carry on with the fucking swearing.
  • Andy D.
    Right, I fucking well will. Arsecandles.
  • Mike e.

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