Commercial Break: More board game nasties from the continent

So yesterday, we unearthed the golden turd that is Kackel Dackel. Watch on in wonder as your kids play a game that involves feeding a plastic dog, throwing a dice and pumping a handle that makes it do a big canine crap. Delightful.

After doing some more digging, it seems that the company responsible for the monstrosity (Goliath) have an impressive range of less than savoury games in their arsenal. So here’s two more for you to consider before you head off to Toys R Us for the big Christmas shop.

Take your pick – on one hand we’ve got ‘Snotty Snotter’, a game where you pull snots out of some bloke’s nose until his brains fly out of his head; or there’s Fiese Fliegen, where you have to stuff as much stuff as you can into a bin without a load of buzzing flies escaping.

Care to suggest any other vile board games that we could take to market between us? We’ll steal the best ideas and there are NO PRIZES.


  • DP
    Both of these games are available in the UK. The snot one is Gooie Louie I believe and I saw the dustbin and flies game in Toys R Us last weekend (can't remember what it's called but it is available).
  • Phil
    DP is right - I remember gooie louie from the late 1990's. I think I've played the game once??
  • Nick T.
    What about one where you have to drive a Mercedes round a scale model of Paris, pissed, in the middle of the night dodging pop-up models of paparazzi, Prince Philip in tweeds and holding a shotgun; Mohammed Al-Fayed waving a super-injunction, a ginger James Hewitt grasping a DNA sample result, and Vernon Kay. Actually you get extra points for hitting that last one.

What do you think?

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