Commercial Break: Monkey's Message A Right Royal Disaster

Here’s another viral – don’t be scared, it’s not infectious but rather another ad-that-isn’t-really-an-ad, designed to promote a product in an unconventional way, highlighted by bozos like us who are happy to give it webspace.

This one’s an advert for an advert, starring national treasure Monkey, the cloth simian who was rescued from the ITV Digital debacle and given a new lease of life by PG Tips.

On Christmas Day, he’ll be starring in a brand new ad which apes (heh heh) that classic Morecambe & Wise kitchen-based breakfast dance routine to the sounds of ‘The Stripper.’ We’re guessing that Monkey’s erstwhile sidekick Johnny Vegas will be involved as well, and it might well be one of the highlights of Christmas telly.

In today’s viral, Monkey does his best impression of the Queen, addressing the nation, but a little too keen to get Dutch courage from the glass that’s by his side. Hopefully he’ll be on better form in eight days time. And hopefully, we’ll all still be awake by 9.05pm, when the next ad airs. Hic!


  • Mike H.
    I'll remember to set my alarm to wake me from my post turkey/whiskey/baileys/chocolate/christmas pudding/after eight slumber, so I can switch the TV off !
  • Anna
    "I'd like to shave a stoat" LOL made me chuckle :)

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