Commercial Break: Milk ads the cream of the crop

The Cravendale ads are one of a very select bunch indeed that never fail to amuse us here at BWHQ. The antics of the cyclist, the pirate and the cow always tickle our happiness nodes, although why three such disparate individuals hang around together is beyond us.

Here’s Cravendale’s newest ads in which the trio are running a milk bar. In the first one there’s no sign of the cyclist or the pirate but there’s a milk bar full of farm workers, with one of them, Brian getting a wee bit carried away.

The second one is just completely batshit mental. Gloriously absurd.

EDIT: You can also see some behind the scenes Cravendale footage here.


  • The B.
    Brilliant, they're still producing the same inane, brainless, turds that they always have, who buys this junk?
  • Robin
    Fantastic. Like it a lot. Reminds me of the bonkers 'Crusha' ads with the kittens and cows being squashed. Mucho sillyness.
  • Martin
    What is the message of the second one? White skin is purer than black?
  • agaveworm
    Couldn't be arsed to watch 'em. Someone give me the gist please....
  • john d.
    A complete ripp-off to 'A town called panic'. Youtube it.
  • Official: B.
    [...] Elsewhere, the ASA have decided that the Cravendale milk advert isn’t racist. So it’s safe to watch it again. [...]
  • raggedy
    Agaveworm, the gist of the advert is . . . No, I can't be arsed to tell you. :-)

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