Commercial Break: Michael Flately, Foxy Bingo - do one, it's all over

An ordinary everyday scene here – a woman sits alone with her dog, idly playing online bingo. Finally, their prayers are answered and the big win is theirs. How to celebrate? Why with some Irish-style hot-footing around the living room floor of course!

A couple of small points spring to mind. Firstly, perhaps the bulging-eyed dog should be drug-tested by the online bingo authorities as it’s almost certainly off its canine head on pills and/or weed if the recent drug-driving ads are any kind of accurate guide.

Secondly, if your company is called ‘Wink Bingo’ and you’re going to spend the kind of money on special effects to make a dog look like it’s doing the Riverdance, and you’ve gone to the trouble of bulging its eyes to make it look surprised when it wins… could you not, you know, maybe make it wink as well at some point? To tie in with the Wink Bingo thing? No?

Never mind, we’re off to for a quick flutter…

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  • Bill O.
    I did once consider luring the creators of the cheeky bingo adverts to India and outsourcing their demise to some shady backstreet characters. Instead I opted to stop watching the Jeremy Kyle show, thus avoiding the awful adverts.

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