Commercial Break: Method Man leaves a sour taste

5 October 2011

A decade and a half ago, Method Man was a key member of the emerging Wu-Tang Clan, the group who turned rap music on its head with their Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) album. The man became an icon overnight.

Here’s Method Man now. He’s doing a rap song for the Sour Patch Kids sweets. Oh dear.


  • zacspeed
    Oh dear.
  • Milky
    I will go with the above posters sentiment also!
  • Kieropa
    You obviously do not follow music. Method man is still relevant and only last year toured the UK with Wu Tang Clan. He is known for doing random commercials like this, he even mocks himself for doing it in some of his music. Piss poor article, with piss poor knowledge.
  • klingelton
    I don't class that tripe as music.
  • Phander
    Kieropa is correct. This article is as bad as any lazy journalism that BW regularly mock. Deathwatch for bitterwallet?

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