Commercial Break: Men are from Venus, women will abandon their kids for free shoes...

Women. Let’s face it, they can’t load dishwashers properly, they think they’re always right about everything and they’re all completely obsessed with the acquisition of shoes.

Following up on that last point, here’s some footage (geddit?) from a documentary film which proves that, if there’s free shoes up for grabs, all women will ditch their responsibilities and dignity in the blink of a half-mascara’d eye. Shameful.

Hang on, it’s not a documentary – it’s actually an ad for Famous Footwear. Mind you, as today’s second commercial (for computer components maker MSI) shows, it’s easy to stereotype males as well. To a man, there’s nothing we enjoy more than catching laptops in our arse cracks. True dat.


  • Brian
    So, i could get a girlfriend if i offered FREE shoes???
  • Nobby
    I agree, the best thing you can do with an MSI X Series is stick it up your arse.
  • debbie
    The guy at the end looks a bit sore, i take it this is in a similar vein as to what the c string should do!!!!
  • Bullet
    Would have been better to watch the other way round, guys runnnig after laptop van and woman catching shoes in there arse. A few pumps in the arse........

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