Commercial Break: Maneater - the kind of song that doesn't just gnaw away at your brain.

Today is quickly becoming ‘Hi-Fi Monday’ as almost 85 per cent of the day’s stories revolve around the playing of music. Well, give or take 70 per cent or so.

Here’s an ad for the brilliantly-named Danish retailer Hi-Fi Klubben. The song is 'Maneater' by Hall and Oates, while the chief protagonist is a hamster. Put them together and you’ve got rodent-based carnage on your hands. Or, in this case, legs.

One thing's for certain, It wouldn’t get on UK screens before 9pm. In fact, it probably wouldn’t get on UK screens before the year 2019. Not for the squeamish, or the ickle children and definitely not for anyone with any kind of fear of hamsters…

There you go then – that was Hi-Fi Monday. Exciting, no?


  • Gavin (.
    I live in Denmark and I must admit I haven't seen this one on TV yet. However, Danes seem pretty relaxed when it comes to censorship so this sort of advert is pretty normal!
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