Commercial Break: Look and learn Tiger Woods...

So, Tiger Woods has come out of hiding and confessed that yes, he had sex with a small battalion of women, it was wrong and he’ll never do it again. Good man.

Trouble was, he looked like the most miserable bloke on the planet, as if his non-stop Yankee doodle party had come to an abrupt halt and he’d been forced to endure three months of keeping his pants on. Which essentially, is what has happened. Poor man.

Plus, like all men who spend too much time wearing caps, he’s going seriously fucking bald. Sad man.

Here’s an ad that proves that in the past, golfers were fine upstanding citizens who didn’t sully their clean cut images by hanging out with morally corrupt types. Well done Arnold Palmer – a great man!

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  • Jacques H.
    Tiger Woods, now that you're divorced, I wish you even now find time to play golf.

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