Commercial Break: Like Shake & Vac, but it eradicates baldness

Look! It’s Cheryl Baker! And not only did she win the Eurovision Song Contest more than 30 years ago, she’s also uncovered the secret to covering up bald patches on the shining domes of Gentlemen Of A Certain Age! What a woman – a modern-day Mother Teresa.

Okay, so the sun-roof masking is achieved by the not-so-subtle application of what looks like the sort of stuff that you might get on a cappuccino, but she’s in what might be a lab and wearing a white coat, and as we all know, science doesn’t lie.

Any ideas as to what might be in the mysterious powder? Your guess is as good as ours, but we’re happy to indulge your suggestions if you leave them in the box below.


  • samuri
    Word of advice DON'T FUCKING SNEEZE!
  • Avon B.
    It's soot. And because it's electrostatically-charged if you rub a balloon on your head, it explodes. (Your head, not the balloon).
  • The B.
    Apparently they sell big pots of this stuff in in Boots, for blokes that look like Mr Dawson to put on their sun reflecting spots, it was in Metro last year, it's little artificial fibre things, like bits of 70's carpet.
  • Mike H.
    Will this work for pubic baldness? For a friend, not me or owt.

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