Commercial Break: Levis + word jazz = timeless grooviness

In a world where ‘used’ has somehow mutated into ‘pre-enjoyed’, reheated retro ads are all the rage as the global economic bumming marries itself to the ad executive and his in-built inability to come up with an original idea.

Milky Way have revived their classic ‘red car and the blue car’ ad, possibly after we raved about it on this site a few months ago, and here’s another ad that hasn’t dated one jot since it was made back in the early 1970s.

That’s mainly because it makes as little sense now as it did then. It features some trippy riffing on Levi Jeans and the place they occupy in the general scheme of things with the voiceover performed by legendary jazz poet Ken Nordine. Ken who?

Ken Nordine of course, the pioneer of ‘word jazz’ and the man behind the classic 34-track album ‘Colors’ where Ken mad-waxes lyrical on the real story behind all the colours in the spectrum. Check out Magenta and Green. Nice.

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