Commercial Break: Lemmy at that pint of 1664

There’s nothing better than sitting in a Parisian café, slowly dealing with a cool Kronenbourg 1664 while listening to that warty OAP rocker Lemmy ponderously meander his way through a laid-back version of Ace Of Spades.

We’re fairly certain that’s a sentence that’s never been uttered before – at least not until this 1664 ad appeared a couple of days ago. It could have ended up like one of those ironic cover versions of a heavy rock classic that only succeeds in making you want to put your fist through something flimsy, but because it’s by the song’s actual composer, the whole thing’s alright really.

Compare and contrast it with one of the most seminal performances of the orginal, that we’ve bunged on your screen a bit further down…


  • The B.
    Apparently a very nice chap but everything I've seen of him screams conceited twat, even his fan base seem to hold him in contempt, I've actually read his autobiography which started off quite interesting/amusing but about halfway through turns into "I'm bloody marvellous I am". Add to that the fact that Kronenbourg is made by French cats peeing in jars and altogether this appeals to whom exactly?
  • gartons
    just saw the add - W4NKER

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