Commercial Break: Lego man smashed to bits for bike safety

It’s been a tough week in the world of Lego after the least annoying Top Gear presenter was forced to chop down his full-sized house made from the colourful plastic bricks after everyone realised that it was a pointless waste of their time and energy.*

But now Lego can once more be seen as a force for good instead of a signifier of a giant piece of cack-headed folly. In this PSA for the cycling safety organisation Biking Rules, a little yella Lego fella takes a massive hit in the name of raising awareness about riding through a red light.

He’s lucky – he can reassemble himself and carry on about his business, which is fortunate as he’s a reckless idiot. However you, dear reader, are not made from Lego. So be careful out there.

* There were other reasons but let’s face it, it bloody was.



  • MrRobin
    I'm made from Duplo, will I be alright?
  • Donttouchthehair
    Next campaign: "Weebles wobble 'cause they drink and drive"?
  • Daily R.
    Bloody cyclists, they should all be shot, in fact, that goes for anyone who gets in my way, or has the wrong skin colour, or who doesn't have the same opinion as me. Baaaaah.
  • Me
    Why do a large number of cyclists seem to want to get killed?? Jumping red lights, etc, thinking they should have right of way cos they're green? Obey the rules, drivers obey the rules (well, most) and everyone gets home in piece.
  • Colin
    I always stop at red lights when I'm cycling. It just makes it even more annoying when you're on your bike, sitting at the bike area at the set of lights, even with another cyclist who's also being good and stopping at red, and some retard just flies through all the traffic and past you. Makes you want to jam a stick in their spokes.

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