Commercial Break: Leaving the match early? You have to get past the bear first...

Football’s a funny old game although it’s no laughing matter when thousands of supporters stream out of the stadium a few minutes before the final whistle, in order to ‘beat the traffic’ (they’re actually ‘creating the traffic’ but never mind.)

This correspondent’s team of choice, Sunderland, suffers as much as any other from this perverted practice. Yesterday, with time running out at the Stadium Of Light and Sunderland clinging on to a 1-0 lead over Manchester City, masses of ‘supporters’ decided that the best way to help the team over get the finishing line with the win intact would be to slowly fuck off out of it.

Off they went, trudging down the staircases and towards the exits with seconds remaining of what would have been a crucial victory against The World’s Richest Club. Of course, City fashioned an equaliser (that most of these weirdos would have missed) and the party was spoiled.

As you can see in the ad below, the Boston Bruins ice hockey team have a system in place to deal with people who leave early. We think it works and would like to see it adopted in sporting events around the world. Starting in Sunderland.


  • Nobby
    If he is a fan, then the club have clearly fucked up their marketing. Where is his replica shirt for a start?
  • Morocco
    Just a small town in Durham...
  • Sidney
    Yeh real small town, bigger than newcastle, bigger than durham as well, but still small fuckin idiot
  • Morocco
    Predictable response. Sunderland fan, yeah? I can tell, you couldn't resist taking a swipe at Newcastle. Let's be honest, you've got no way of telling where I'm from based on the content of my post, but instead succumbed to the typical mackem response of slagging off Newcastle rather than defend themselves.
  • Nobby
    > Let’s be honest, you’ve got no way of telling where I’m from based on the content of my post. That doesn't matter for me, as I when I read all replies, I assume an accent in the style of Eurotrash. There are way too many scousers on here.
  • Morocco
    "I assume an accent in the style of Eurotrash. There are way too many scousers on here." Hopefully, you don't read them aloud at the office then?
  • Sidney
    I'm not a mackem actually and i never took a swipe, you said they are a small town, if you look at the size of Sunderland you will see they are bigger than both Durham or Newcastle, but guess you have a problem with Sunderland as you certainly let go with the abuse there didnt you.... Nevermind pet, sure your beloved newcastle (does seem that way after your last comment) will still always be seen to be bigger
  • Morocco
    Not really abuse though is it, merely stating a point. "fuckin idiot" would qualify as abuse, not that I care; your wounded demeanour certainly makes you look like a mackem, and you're doing a damn fine impersonation of one. You might be interested to learn that Sunderland was formed by an amalgamation of outer Durham boroughs and was historically part of County Durham. Hence the football chant. Get your facts right before giving it mouth next time, eh? 'fuckin idiot'.
  • Nobby
    It would be funnier if he bummed him.
  • NellieIrrelevant
    it would have been funnier if the bear had disembowelled him with its 6" long razor sharp claws, then ripped his head off. That is what bears do, after all. However I suspect that was not really a bear but just a bloke in a bear costume.
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