Commercial Break: Laurie should be whipped for this sour cream ad

16 September 2011

Here’s Hugh Laurie, former comedy legend, star of House and renowned sufferer of dark moods, punting some fucking face cream for L’Oreal, something that we presume he must have thought would cheer him up.

Obviously the $400k he gets for every single episode of House that he appears in isn’t enough for Hugh. He clearly felt compelled to make himself look like an utter bell-end in this skin cream ad that parodies other skin cream ads, only not quite enough for it to appear to the casual observer as just another skin cream ad. Or something.

Damn him. Damn him to hell and back. Double damn him with an extra slice of damn for the weekend. The mock-hobling, pill-popping, fake Yank wanker.


  • standards
    BW needs to up their game.
  • rhodesboysin
    And you know who is in charge of L'Oreal now? Yes... Marjorie!
  • Tev
    Don't double damn him too soon. The money he makes is supposedly going to charity.
  • Reg W.
    Is a fake Yank wanker better or worse than a real Yank wanker?

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