Commercial Break: Latoya's Out Of Her Pram

Wahoo! It’s Celebrity Big Brother, starting tonight!

Among the fame-hungry nobodies stars who will be behaving like right proper sods for the next fortnight or so is Latoya Jackson, who was once rumoured to actually be her brother Michael in an elaborate disguise.

We hope not – especially as she did a full-on kit-off Playboy photoshoot in the early 1990s. Too alarming to even wonder about if you ask us.

Here’s Latoya in an ad from the now-defunct Today newspaper, where she plugs excerpts from her book about life in the batshit-mad Jackson family.

Brilliantly, right at the end, she looks as though she’s about to fall over ass-backwards. It's almost as good as the Michael-esque music that plays throughout the ad.

Good luck Latoya!

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