Commercial Break: Ladies, now you can be proud of your dubious social decisions

It’s a ritual carried out by millions of women with loose morals every weekend, as they drunkenly stagger home after winding up ‘sleeping’ at the home of some opportunistic lothario. Either that or in a ditch. We speak, of course, of the ‘walk of shame’.

Now, rather than seeing it as something to be mortally ashamed of, Harvey Nichols are using it as something that women can look forward to, cutting a dash as they waft home in Harvey Nicks clobber instead of staggering around the streets with a heel missing from one of their shoes and a hairstyle that makes Jo Brand look like erm, Judith Chalmers.

Having a stylist obviously helps too if the ad's pay-off is anything to go by…


  • Walter M.
    Clever of them to use the female cast of the Only Way is Essex and My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.
  • Capability B.
    You can tell how realistic this advert is from the jolly postman right at the end trading a quip and a laugh with the woman going in the door. The last time I said "Morning!" to a postman he didnt even take the cigarette out of his mouth while telling me to "Eff off!"
  • Dick
    Also the lack of dogshit in the street, and the fact that the postman is delivering letters at all, which probably means this is the afternoon not the morning after.
  • Boris
    This is a disgusting invasion of privacy! How dare they film my lady friends on their way home from an all night meeting with me. Still; looking at some of them I perhaps had a little too much 'social lubrication' myself.
  • Sicknote
    These looks like the slags from the admin floor in my building; except that none of them would shop at Harvey Nicks and they all carry fake Louis Vuitton bags. But seriously, what a completely patronising and shit advert.
  • poshtotty
    @sicknote - thanks for making me laugh. @ Capability: are you seriously telling us your postman told you to f off? (and you did nothing about that except trot it out on BW? @ Dick: For more 'broken britain' nonsense, you should check out Daily Mail site AS for the advert, I just don't get the payoff. Shopping in HNs presumably makes you: 1) better looking 2) less likely to choose 3" microskirts 3) more confident about having a 4) live in an attractive West London building 5) get home quicker? They surely omitted the bit two seconds before where she got out of a black cab...
  • Sicknote
    I strongly suspect that this is a viral add put together by an 'agency' and in no way sanctioned by Harvey Nicks. If I'm wrong then I can only assume the marketing team at Harvey Nicks is 99.99% misogynistic men strutting about the office in their nylon suits with food and piss stains on shouting '...lovely tits on that..', '...shake em, you won't break em you schlag' or '...I'm off to the shitter to get rid of some knuckle children'
  • Harvey N.
    When I drop in Harvey Nicks, to shop in Harvey Nicks If I don't look hard & slick, or appear hard & fit, the cashier don't hardly trip, the lady hardly flits, unless im wearing barmy shit, or garments that are the shit.

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