Commercial Break: Ladies! And gay men! This is for you!

A lot of our avid and randy female readers regularly get in touch bemoaning the almost complete absence of what they almost all describe as ‘eye candy’ within the pages of Bitterwallet.

It’s a fair point and with it in mind, here’s an ad for air conditioning units from Argentina or somewhere, featuring a burly bloke wandering around in his undercrackers. Lap it up ladies, lap it up!


  • Mary H.
    And they're gonna need them fecking air conditioners when we open up a whole world of hurt on their asses if the bargies don't stop complaining. Who is your daddy?
  • lumoruk
    I love sitting naked with children. They're not my kids though. I love kids.
  • Frank P.
    I love Argentinian kids.

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