Commercial Break: Kids, say no to Gene Simmons

It’s the birthday of KISS lead singer Gene Simmons today. We’re not big KISS fans round these parts, and we keep getting him confused with shrill, camp fitness irritant Richard Simmons. Still, never mind Gene, we’re sure your mother loves you.

To celebrate Gene’s big day (he’s 60 years of age today, fact addicts) here he is delivering a message for the Rockers Against Drugs sect back in the 1980s, and coming across as a complete and utter cock on at least two levels.

If this ‘message’ doesn’t automatically make you want to venture out and pour molten crack directly into your eyeballs then we’re not huge fans of KISS. Oh, of course, we’ve already mentioned that we’re not. Because they’re the third most boring band on Earth behind the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and U2. Well done Gene, and many happy returns. You utter fanny.


  • reel
    god these articles get worse. who cares.
  • oh n.
    Kasabian fans are you? Figured as much. What a joke.
  • Stevie
    and how many years of age would that be?
  • Andy D.
    @Stevie - 60. sorted, @oh no - Kasabian? They're the fourth worst group on Earth.

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