Commercial Break: Kiddie gangsters can be life savers as well...

Here’s a ruddy-cheeked youngster pretending to be Vinnie Jones in the sequel to the British Heart Foundation’s wildly popular ‘Stayin’ Alive’ ads. Weirdly, he looks a bit like Gideon ‘George’ Osborne, but then again, he’s pretty scary as well.

‘Push down hard and fast five or six centimetres, that’s about three inches – whatever they are’ growls the intimidating youngster . Inches? They used to be around in the olden days – along with The Bee Gees and Vinnie Jones.


  • Dick
    How many 10 year olds know Staying Alive?
  • Yue
    @Dick How many 10 year olds would notice someone dying without the camera working on their smart phone?

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