Commercial Break: Kick online sand into the invisible face of cyberbullying, yeah!

Following yesterday’s revelation that such a thing as a Lip Window exists, we’re well into running stories about people who do stupid things to their mouths. Which leads us on to this creepy ad for cyberbullying, sorry AGAINST cyberbullying.

In it, a young girl who has been tormented by online sticks-and-stonesing stitches her gob shut, signifying the horrible truth that she is unable to reach out to anyone to help her with her awful plight.

As a group of diligent and hard-working writers who are regularly abused by our by sections of our readership, we know how she feels – for us, lip-stitching might actually be a better alternative to the binge-drinking and comfort-eating that keeps us going in the face of these terrible onslaughts of abuse from most of you.

But we much prefer the American version of the ad, where a fat, teenage Michael Cera-like cocksocket reads out a sickly YouTube message about dolphins and then addresses the smart-arse comments that have been left in its wake. It’s funny ‘cos it’s true…


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